Saint Mary's Bookstore in Nashville

St. Mary's Bookstore of Nashville, Tn is located just minutes away from beautiful downtown at 1909 West End Ave. St. Mary's Bookstore has been providing customers with church supplies, books, and gifts for the past 80 years.


I was raised rich in Faith and family. My parents are wonderful examples of the importance of daily Mass, praying the rosary, morning prayer and meditation and passion for life and work. They handed down to us the importance of relationships; with Jesus Christ, with family and with community. As I write, as I work, as I raise my own family, the Faith of my parents, our Catholic Faith naturally spills over into who I am and what I do. My words are simple as I believe Jesus’ message was meant to be simple. Love one another. Be here for each other. There is so much more. I want my family, I want my friends, I want my neighbors to have so much more. I believe God calls each of us to make a difference. So, I read and I write and I pass on all that I believe has been passed on to me. I hope you enjoy the visit.

Visiting Mary (book) on display at St Mary's Bookstore

My Books

Talking to God

A simple conversation, a loving encounter, an act of faith in someone you trust—prayer is so much simpler than we sometimes think. When the daily challenges of life threaten to overwhelm us, God is always close. Talking to God: Prayers for Catholic Women by Julie Cragon helps bring all your daily concerns to the heart of God. Talking to God holds the solution to finding peace in the chaos of daily life. Read through this collection of original prayers, and ... Read More

Amazing Graces

Sacramentals are given to us by the Church, unlike Sacraments which are instituted by Christ. They help to draw us closer to Christ because with prayer and with the proper intention, the rosary, the sign of the cross, the crucifix, medals, pictures, holy water and the many other beautiful sacramentals, help us to focus on that which is holy and to make holy the different occasions of our lives. Although we do not need them for Salvation, sacramentals draw us into deeper devotion and prayer.

As I entered into the ... Read More

Visiting Mary

Visiting Mary book coverIn every State in our beautiful Country, there is a place, a grotto, a shrine, a Basilica, a church or a chapel built in honor of Mary, Our Mother. We all know that we can sit in our homes, our cars, our offices, our parish church or chapel and talk to, pray with and visit Our Lady. We ask her to be with us, to intercede for us, to pray for us. My family and I have found countless places that have guided us to a deeper relationship with Our Mother. We have come to understand the love that others have expressed towards her, the life they have given up to honor her. We have journeyed and we have found her ... Read More

Jesus at My Side

Jesus by My SideIn these 365 days of meditation, each include the words of Jesus, a short meditation and a prayer challenge for today to put His words into action. What do Jesus’ words mean to us today? How can we use His words to build up one another? Where can we make a difference?
Jesus’ words are for us. We are challenged to read His words daily and to listen to them in the context of our own lives, in our ordinary experiences. This is not an interpretation of the Gospels but a meditation on what Jesus is saying to us today. Read more

Bless My Child

Bless My ClhildToday more than ever our children need our prayers. This book gives moms and dads specific prayers for every occasion in a child's life from conception and birth, to managing school, to choosing vocations, to raising their own children. Prayers that our children will be fed and nourished and led by the light of Christ, His Mother, the saints and the holy men and women given to us as examples. This book is good for any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or godparent willing and able to pray for our children. Read more

Illustrated Lives of the Saints for Catholic Children

Illustrated Lives of the Saints for Catholic ChildrenFrom St. Agatha to St. William, this book of Saints contains a one page image of each Saint as well as a one page biography. Containing information for 125 different Saints this hardbound, full color book illustrates the lives of those who have gone before us marked with the sign of Faith, living in the image of Jesus Christ. Read more

Illustrated Lives of the Saints

lives of Saints From St. Agatha to St. Vincent de Paul, the lives of these 107 Saints are both informative and enlightening. Stories are told of men and women who emulate the love of Christ and the holiness of the Church. From the simple to the complex, these saints have walked the path of Jesus. Their stories are filled with examples many of us can follow. Read more

Illustrated Book of Jesus

Illustrated Book of Jesus Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity. From the information we read in the four Gospels, Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of Mary and baptized by John. He was a preacher, a teacher and a healer. He was crucified in Jerusalem under Pontius Pilate, rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. We believe He was a man like us in all things but sin. His many different titles have developed from His personal life, His places of honor in the life of the Church and His revelations to many holy men and holy women of Faith. Read more

Illustrated Book of Mary

book of MaryThe Apparitions of Mary, her prayers, the Mysteries of the Rosary, the Fifteen Promises, the 54-day Rosary Novena and the Feasts of Mary combine to make this a wonder gift. For anyone who wants to know more about Our Blessed Mother, for new Catholics, for young and old who wish to further their devotion to Mary and pray for her to intercede for us, this is a beautiful book for Our Lady. Read more

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