St Mary's Bookstore

St. Mary's Bookstore of Nashville, Tn is located just minutes away from beautiful downtown at 1909 West End Ave. St. Mary's Bookstore has been providing customers with church supplies, books, and gifts for the past 80 years.

Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,
Thank you for everything you have ever given me, both materially and spiritually! You truly are an amazing woman and I do not tell you enough how much I love you and how much you have shaped my life. Without you I would not be the person I am today! I would not have the drive or determination to go after my goals and ambitions in life. You have given me a great example of how a woman can surpass all expectations and fully succeed in all aspects of life. Not only are you a wonderful mother, but also a very successful business owner, and published writer. I look up to you in every way, as a mother, a business woman in a male dominated world, and as a dream fulfiller in your published work. With you as my example I know that I can achieve all that I want to achieve in life. You give me hope that all my dreams can be fulfilled! I know I do not ever say this or even act like I think this, but your life truly blows me away. I think you are an amazing person both inside and out and even though we often do not get along I know that I always have a superb woman in my life to look up to. I hope that one day in the future I can be half the woman you are. Thank you!

With love,


age 15