St Mary's Bookstore

St. Mary's Bookstore of Nashville, Tn is located just minutes away from beautiful downtown at 1909 West End Ave. St. Mary's Bookstore has been providing customers with church supplies, books, and gifts for the past 80 years.

Nashville Flood 2010

When I first went down the road seeing all the garbage and flooring along the roads I felt lucky. My house was not even touched by water yet there are tons of people who have lost everything. This whole neighborhood was destroyed by the flood and left most of these people without a home to live in. In this nice woman’s driveway a group of people, including my mom, my sister, and I, were giving out food for dinner. We served dinner to everyone, and for those who did not want to stop working on their home we went and brought food to them. We had too much food for everyone so we told them to keep some for the next day. The joy on their faces was overwhelming. My family and I helped serve food for about 3 hours.I could have worked all day, but my family and I needed to get home. The overall experience from that whole thing was amazing, someone even cried when I gave them food because these people lost everything and they had not had a home cooked meal in at least a week. I loved doing that and I would do it again.


Age 14